Fast Facts About the Different Types of Periodontal Treatments in Tampa, FL

Gum disease is characterized by inflammation, soreness, and tenderness of the gums. When the condition progresses, it turns into a serious complication known as chronic periodontitis. If left untreated, periodontal disease can put the overall oral health at risk. Tooth loss and other body-related complications may arise and deteriorate the person’s health. The good news is, we at Modern Day Smiles offer a wide variety of treatments to help patients get away from these devastating oral problems. Below are the different types of procedures necessary to treat periodontal disease:

Scaling and Root Planing

This type of treatment is considered as a non-surgical procedure that removes tartar and plaques residing below the gumline or inside the gum pockets. The dentist will smoothen the roots of the teeth for the reattachment of the gums.

Dental Crown Lengthening

Those who suffer from excess gum tissue that makes the teeth appear shorter than usual can benefit from dental crown lengthening. The procedure allows the gums and bone structures to be reshaped to expose the proper length of the natural tooth.


When the dental professionals require patients to undergo gingivectomy procedure, it means that some of the gums will be removed in order to treat gum disease.

Root Surface Debridement

Similar to scaling and root planing, root surface debridement (RDS) is performed by the dentist thoroughly cleaning the tooth root until all the unnecessary deposits are eliminated.

Pocket Reduction

It is a combination of the different surgeries intended to remove bacteria and tartar that situates in the roots of the teeth. Pocket reduction surgery is best in decreasing the spread of bacteria, halting bone loss, and improving the smiles.

Ridge Augmentation

It is a common dental procedure that rejuvenates the natural shape of the gums and jaw. Ridge Augmentation is often accompanied by tooth extraction.

Aside from the many periodontal treatment options that we at Modern Day Smiles deliver, we also have ridge preservation, bone grafting, and regenerative procedures.


If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like your sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, loss teeth or separate teeth, contact our office at Modern Day Smiles for Periodontal Treatments in Tampa, FL. You may book your appointment by visiting us at 7002 Sheldon Road, Tampa, FL 33615.