Mouth Guards in Tampa, FL: Additional Protection for Precious Smiles

Dentistry made it possible for patients with teeth irregularities to find the best treatments that can improve the look of their smiles. It is now even possible to give patients a second chance on their teeth due to the availability of restorative options. The prevention of oral complications before starting is even possible – Thanks to the advances in dentistry! Who would have thought that there is also a dental appliance that can support patients with the things they love to do?


Mouth Guard

Mouth guards are plastic devices worn over the teeth by patients who play contact sports. As the activity’s name implies, it involves physical contact that is more likely to result in injuries. Since it can occur at any time especially when least expected, it is best to be prepared.

There are three types of mouth guards:

  • Stock mouth guards can be readily purchased anywhere in sporting goods stores and least expensive. It is not the ideal type of devices since it follows the “one size fits all” concept. This mouth guard cannot be adjusted, makes breathing difficult, bulky, and offers little protection.
  • Boil and bite can also be easily purchased but compared to stock mouth guards; it offers a better fit. It uses a thermoplastic material which when placed in hot water can soften. The patient would bite the material and then use their fingers to mold it into their teeth.
  • Custom-made mouth guards are the type appliance we offer at Modern Day Smiles. Out of the other options, this device provides a perfect and comfortable fit. Athletes are assured that this type of mouth guard is designed to protect their teeth and other oral structures.

During sports, mouth guards create a barrier between the upper and lower teeth. It works to prevent excessive impacts that are accidentally directed in the mouth from breaking the teeth or the other structures. With the appliance on, athletes can freely focus on the game without feeling discomfort and any cause for worry.

Aside from using mouth guard during sports, there is also another type of appliance that is worn when sleeping. It aims to prevent the adverse effects of bruxism (excessive teeth grinding and clenching) from occurring. Night guards protect the teeth from any forms of damage by preventing the contact of both the upper and lower teeth. Doing so lessens the amount of pressure applied during when bruxism takes place.


Let us help you protect your teeth while you enjoy doing the things you love as well as in getting that good night’s sleep. Visit us at Modern Day Smiles to get your custom-made Dental Mouth Guards in Tampa, FL!