Know More About Oral Sedation Dentistry! – Tampa, FL

It is pretty common to know someone who is afraid of anything that has to do with dentistry. Thankfully, dealing with this problem is now easier than ever with sedation dentistry options! Patients who have dental fear and anxiety do not need to compromise their oral health; because with sedation, they can now feel relaxed.

To those who are wondering, sedation is performed by a dentist where they use a certain sedative depending on different factors that they need to consider. At Modern Day Smiles, we can either administer local anesthetics or oral sedation. We want our patients to feel comfortable as much as possible, so to make their experience pleasant we may consider the use of sedatives depending on the treatment they need.

Oral sedation, as its name implies, is given to the patient in the form of a pill that is taken 30 minutes or an hour prior to the scheduled procedure. The dentist will carefully determine the type of medicine to be given after reviewing the medical history and the taken medications of the patient to guarantee its effectivity.


Relaxed Patient


Advantages of Oral Sedation

No More Needles

Many people still fear needles even if new techniques were developed to make it as painless as possible. Others find that merely seeing the small pointy thing can make them feel uncomfortable. With oral sedation, patients need not worry about the horror of needles for it is in the form of prescription medication.

Guaranteed Safe

Like any other medicines, oral sedation underwent rigorous testing to attain the approval of its use. There is enough evidence available to prove that it is safe for patients. All its contraindications are known so that dentists can base the candidacy of a patient after checking their records.

Short-Term Amnesia

Depending on the preference of the patient, the dentist may pick an oral sedative that can make them not remember what took place during the procedure. There will be no after effects with this type of oral sedative.

Alert and Conscious

There are instances where the patient may need to respond to the dentist during a procedure. Oral sedation allows them to stay fully conscious and responsive while being comfortable.


Everyone deserves anxious-free and comfortable dental experience. Avail of Oral Sedation in Tampa, FL which is part of our sedation dentistry options. Book your appointment with us at Modern Day Smiles!