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Finding a quality same-day dentistry can be a challenging task. And, if you were on the lookout for one in the St. Petersburg area, you are at the right place.

Our state-of-the-art dental clinic is one of the few offices that, in fact, offer same-day dental treatments. We are serving patients in and around the area with affordable dental care in a professional and safe manner. Our dental office is equipped with the advanced technologies that grant the professional dentists in our team the opportunity to do their job perfectly within hours. 

From cleanings to cosmetic fillings and emergency extractions, our same-day dentistry offers a variety of treatments that will help you achieve a beautiful smile and impeccable oral health. We take great pride in providing the following dental treatments.

Same-Day Dental Cleaning

Dental cleaning, also called teeth cleaning, is an essential part of oral hygiene that prevents cavities, periodontal disease, and gingivitis by removing the dental plaque from the teeth. While people routinely do the cleaning of their own teeth with flossing and brushing, professional teeth cleaning, known as prophylaxis, is a procedure very important for the overall oral health. Done by a dentist, such a technique involves tooth polishing, tooth scaling, and if too much plaque has accumulated it involves debridement.

If you are looking for same day teeth cleaning near you and you live in or around St. Petersburg area, our dentists can provide you with the most professional teeth cleaning in less than an hour. Visiting our office twice a year to clean your teeth will be enough and it will give you the chance to talk to our doctors about any questions you may have and detect possible serious oral health problems that may arise.

Same-Day Dental Extraction

Tooth extraction, or pulling a tooth, is a technique that is usually necessary when there is a trauma to the mouth, tooth decay, or gum disease. Even though tooth extraction is not always the preferred option, in some cases, it is the best scenario for achieving greater oral health.

We best understand how painful tooth extraction can be, thanks to our innovative technology, our seasoned dentists will make sure the process is as painless as possible. With us, same-day emergency tooth extraction, and generally same day tooth extractions are possible so if you are looking for dentists that pull teeth the same day near you, head over to our St. Petersburg office. By visiting us, we will be able to determine the right treatment options for you and, if needed, have your ill tooth extracted the same day to ease your pain and prevent any possible further damage to your oral health.

RX Antibiotics for Infections

Dealing with dental problems, whether it is a toothache or an infection is quite uncomfortable and painful. Therefore, it is completely reasonable as to why the majority of people turn to antibiotics in order to ease their pain. In some instances, the reason behind the pain is a need for urgent dental care, all of which our professional but affordable dentists in St. Petersburg can help you with. 

In case you are looking for a same-day emergency dentist near you that can describe RX antibiotics for infections, visit our office today to get the emergency dental care you need and deserve.

Cosmetic Fillings

As a treatment for restoring a damaged tooth or tooth decay, filling a tooth is a dental practice the majority of people undergo at some point in their lives. 

Cosmetic fillings are mostly performed for aesthetic purposes and the techniques involved may take a few days. However, due to the utilization of modern dental technologies in our offices, the Modern Day Smiles dentistry offers a performing of affordable same day dental fillings, guaranteeing excellent results. Our same day filling dentists will take perfect care of you and your needs. In case of having any additional questions about the procedure, we encourage you to contact clinic by calling at (727) 322-0505 or visit our office to get the help you need.

Emergency Root Canal Therapy

Did you know that one of the most common causes of ER visits is, in fact, a toothache?

Root canal treatment oftentimes is the reason why you are having a bad toothache and it indeed is considered a dental emergency. Due to the death of the infected tooth/teeth, a root canal is a needed option. The longer you delay your treatment, the more painful any future procedure will be, so we advise you to act on it as soon as you notice any discomfort.

Dental teeth, mouth, gums dentists teaching model showing each tooth and root canal decay and inflamation.

The thing about root canals is that not every dentistry offers root canal and extraction the same day. Patients with horrendous pain are forced to wait for a few days before they can come in and undergo the procedure, which increases the risk of infecting the neighboring teeth as well. Because of this reason, our emergency dental office offers root canal treatments and tooth extractions the same day.

Our doctors are ever ready to provide urgent dental care that you desperately need and deserve at the most affordable prices possible.

To Transform Your Oral Health in Less Than 24 Hours, Visit Our St. Petersburg Office Today!