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Dental Implant Cost, Benefits & Other Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implant cost and types overview

Dental Implants Overview

Dental implants are a popular teeth-replacement option for a very good reason. These artificial teeth, not only are designed to be long term, but they also look beautiful and function just like natural teeth. So, if you lost a tooth in an accident or you have a tooth that is beyond repair, it is a usual scenario for your dentist to recommend getting an implant to restore your smile.

However, how much a dental implant is going to cost you? What are the benefits of the dental implant procedure? And, most importantly, are they safe?

To educate you on such topics, we decided to answer the most frequently asked questions in regard to the cost and procedure of getting dental implants in hopes of helping you always make smart decisions.

What Types of Dental Implants Are There?

You can find two sorts of dental implants: subperiosteal, zygomatic, and endosteal. The latter is the most widespread type. It can hold one or more artificial teeth and a surgeon embeds it into the jawbone. These types of implants are the safest, however, they require a healthy jawbone to fuse to.

When it comes to subperiosteal implants, a surgeon affixes them over the jawbone. This option is usually chosen by the dental surgeon when people don’t have much height in their jawbone or if the patient doesn’t want to go through intensive oral surgery.

The least common type of dental implants is the zygomatic implants. They should only be done when there isn’t enough jawbone because the technique includes placing the implant on the person’s cheekbone instead of the jawbone.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

When it comes to the cost, people normally assume that the dental implant cost estimate is a lot higher than it actually is. For example, dental implant cost per tooth is almost the same as replacing it with a regular fixed bridge, yet people think the price difference is enormous.

Nowadays, thanks to the advanced technology and equipment, more and more dental offices are able to provide low-cost dental implants that do not compromise the quality. One of which is our clinic, Modern Day Smiles, located in Tampa, Florida, where you can get your implants done without exceeding your budget.

In case you are curious to know what the dental implant cost in Tampa, Florida, or St. Petersburg, it is important to remember that situations vary and with that, the cost of dental implants varies. That is why we encourage you to contact our office via phone or online appointment form so that a member of our team can reach back to you and help you as soon as possible. Whether it is a question about dental implant cost full set, dental implant cost without insurance, or dental implant cost full mouth, we will make sure to provide with all the information that you need.

Are Dental Implants Covered by Insurance?

Since getting implants is still considered a cosmetic procedure, most medical and dental insurance companies do not cover the cost. Our solution to this problem can be found in our offer of medicare dental implants and dental plans that cover implants. Additionally, our Tampa clinic provides the visitors with consultation and a second opinion free of charge, so if you would like to get free medical advice and explore your options about getting quality yet affordable dental implants, get in touch with us today.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

Dental implants before  after
*Image is to demonstrate the results dental implant can produce.

There are many benefits of undergoing a dental implant procedure. Some of the most crucial advantages include:

  • Convenience – Unlike removable dentures, these replacement teeth eliminate the embarrassing moment of dentures removal. Dental implants are among the most convenient teeth-replacement options that exist.
  • Improved appearance and self-esteem – Because implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, a beautiful smile is guaranteed and with that an improved confidence as well as appearance.
  • Enhanced speech – For the people without teeth or with poor-fitting dentures, speaking can be hard. Since they stay in place, implants enhance the ability to speak without worrying that the dentures might slip.
  • Easier eating and greater comfort – Easy tasks, such as speaking and eating is challenging when a person does not have teeth or have removable, temporary teeth. Because implants feel like natural teeth, chewing becomes easier and more comfortable allowing the patients to eat their favorite food without pain.
  • Durability – Implants, unlike other teeth-replacement options, are made to last for a very long time. With good care, a pair of dental implants can even last a lifetime.

Are Dental Implants Safe?

Being used for half a century, dental implants are both, highly effective and safe. This, however, does not mean complications can not occur. After all, dental implant treatment is a medical procedure that requires well-trained and knowledgeable dentists to ensure skillful handling or any issues and minimize complications.

What Is the Success Rate of Dental Implants?

Although as mentioned dental implants are designed to last for many years, the experience varies from individual to individual. Due to the diversity of habits different people possess, they may not be a successful option for one person as it would be to another. However, for an individual with great dental health and good hygiene habits, implants are predictably successful with a 90-95% success rate.

Does It Hurt to Get Dental Implants?

Along with the helpful instructions for home care as well as the sedation techniques available nowadays, the majority of patients report that getting dental implants is not as painful as they expected it to be. In this sense, we would like to inform you that feeling some sort of pain or discomfort afterward is completely normal because getting implants is a medical procedure that involves quite a few unpleasant processes. This pain, however, is not severe at all and typically lasts only for a short period of time.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

Anyone who is missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, an upper or lower row of teeth, or all of their teeth, is an ideal candidate. These replacement teeth are a smart and excellent long-term solution even for children who have lost their permanent teeth in an accident or because of an injury.

Depending on the number of missing teeth, you may be a perfect candidate for a single dental implant or a full mouth dental implants. For your specific needs, we advise you to talk with one of our prosthodontists in order to come to the best and most affordable resolution for your particular problem.

How To Find a Dental Implant Dentist Near You

If you live in Tampa or St. Pete, Florida, and are looking for dental implants near you, make sure to visit our respective dental offices to receive the best dental care possible. Both of our practices are conveniently located and offer a safe, clean, and modern environment. Before undergoing the dental implant procedure, our dentists review your health history and discuss your habits that may affect the recommended care’s success, so that that you are informed about the risks as well as the benefits involved and to provide the safest implant procedure possible.

For any type of questions, information and appointments please get in touch on +1 (727) 322 0505 for St. Pete, and +1 (813) 890 0044 for Tampa practice.