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Dental Bridges in St. Petersburg, FL

When it comes to dental bridges in St. Petersburg, our dental specialists are here to help. The dental bridge procedure may sound confusing for the novice, however at Modern Day Smiles in St. Petersburg, FL we can help patients with their oral health by assisting with flawlessly fitting dental bridges.

Most patients who come to us have common questions like “are dental bridges permanent”, “are dental bridges expensive” and “how do dental bridges work?”. On this page, we will seek to address some of these various questions to ensure you remain educated and up to date with how it works.

What is a Dental Bridge?

Many patients who come to us are not aware of the dental bridge solution. To address the common question, a dental bridge is a device used to replace missing teeth by attaching artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth. The process of attaching a fixed bridge is conducted by either placing crowns on the abutment teeth or by bonding the artificial teeth directly to the abutment teeth. There are also other, various types of dental bridges such as removable bridges that attach to the teeth with metal clasps or precision attachments. The type of bridge you opt for will depend on your case and requirements which our dentists are happy to discuss with you.

Are Dental Bridges worth it?

Considering getting a dental bridge can be a big decision for many individuals which is why our specialists make sure to discuss our other feasible tooth replacement options such as dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges as well so you could decide which one is for you.

Why do I need a Dental Bridge?

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Now that you know what a dental bridge is, you must understand why a dental bridge is needed. A bridge is often used by patients to improve oral functionality and the appearance of their mouth or smile. This is because a bridge helps to support your lips and cheeks which make up your overall facial structure and comfort whilst chewing or drinking. Despite this, effective dental health should be at the forefront of your decision for getting a bridge which is why we place heavy emphasis on this aspect. Patients who come to us with missing teeth or broken areas of their teeth often experience an increased risk of gum disease along with speech disorders and other potentially harmful disorders, this is why it’s important to undergo the dental bridge procedure sooner rather than later. Our dental specialists will ensure that your bridges are fitted to a level you’re happy with.

Are Dental Bridges Expensive?

You may wonder whether or not your dental bridge procedure will be costly. Fortunately, at Modern Day Smiles in St. Petersburg, FL we make the process as cost-effective as possible with our flexible pricing plans and ability to accept various insurance options. To find out more about how our pricing works, please get in touch by calling us at (727) 322-0505 so one of our friendly staff members can listen to your concerns and book an appointment.

How do I take care of my Dental Bridge?

Caring for a dental bridge can seem like a tedious process and oftentimes patients may forget important parts of the cleaning process which can result in various issues further down the line. A strict regimen for brushing and flossing should be maintained to keep the bridge and surrounding teeth clean, preventing dental issues that may arise as a result. Incorporating this dental hygiene is very important for those with dental bridges as a bridge relies strongly on neighboring teeth for support, this is why it’s vital to maintain proper care of your fixed bridge.

At Modern Day Smiles of St. Petersburg, FL, our dental specialists can work with you and educate you on the best process around caring for your dental bridges or any other dental treatments you require.

How is a Dental Bridge Attached?

The procedure and attachment process for dental bridges usually spans across two to three appointments. During your initial appointment with us, our dental specialists Dr. Remal Patel and Dr. Kinjal Patel will take the time to prepare the teeth on either side of the gap by removing a portion of the enamel and dentin.

Fixed bridges are usually cemented to the natural teeth next to the space left by the missing tooth, whereby a false tooth (pontic) replaces the lost tooth.

Why Modern Day Smiles for Dentures in St. Petersburg?

When it comes to dental bridges in St. Petersburg, Modern Day Smiles we take pride in offering the most perfectly fitting bridges at an affordable price. If you live in or around St. Petersburg, Florida and are interested to learn if dental bridges are the right solution for you, call Modern Day Smiles at (727) 322-0505 to schedule a consultation today. A member of our friendly team will happily point you in the right direction.