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So, you’ve concluded that you may need a wisdom tooth extracted, with a whole spectrum of treatment options it can be difficult to know which is best for your own needs.

Thankfully, our patients are being welcomed to a host of knowledge, advice and more to make the decision more manageable.

Effective oral care is the best way to avoid tooth loss in the first place, however for some, due to the number of conditions that may warrant extraction it’s just not possible.

But first, it’s wise to learn the process behind tooth extraction

At our St. Petersburg practice, our expert doctors provide consultation and information on the process prior to undergoing the treatment.

Once we’ve uncovered that this is your best option and commenced treatment, we begin by administering an anesthetic to numb the tooth, gum and surrounding area. This is done so your experience can be as pain-free as possible.

During the treatment, you will feel mild pressure as the tooth is removed but remember, due to the anesthetic you will not experience any pain.

After extraction, it’s normal for bleeding to occur. This will usually subside shortly after and shouldn’t be of any concern. We advise simply biting down gently on a gauze pad after your appointment until bleeding stops.

Smiling women after a tooth extraction at our clinic in Tampa

If persistent bleeding or pain occurs, we recommend you contact us immediately for further advice and assistance.

Now you’ve heard this, you may be wondering: Does tooth extraction hurt?

At first, receiving the news can feel scary and overwhelming, thoughts of the potential pain may rush into your brain. We understand. Speaking with a variety of individuals at our practice has allowed us to learn the best methods of successful tooth extraction. The good news for you is that it isn’t an unusually long or painful process. After x-rays and a thorough examination, our specialist doctors can remove a tooth with ease and cause minimal discomfort. Having you back on your feet in no time.

When do I need a tooth extraction?

There are several situations in which tooth extraction becomes necessary:

  • If a patient is suffering from advanced gum disease
  • If there’s not enough space for wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontic patients with excessive crowding
  • Candidates for dentures who have worn or compromised teeth remaining
  • Patients with a damaged or infected tooth that can’t be saved with root canal therapy
  • Patients with teeth that are impacted (partially or completely covered by gum tissue) or preventing other teeth from erupting

Our doctors are well equipped and experienced in helping patients through any of these tooth extraction situations. Your comfort is our top priority, most patients are surprised at how quick and pain-free a tooth extraction can be. Nitrous oxide is also available for patients who need a little extra assistance feeling comfortable and relaxed.

What are your options for Tooth Replacement?

Patients who have lost a tooth to infection or periodontal disease may want to discuss tooth replacement options with our experts Dr. Remal Patel or Dr. Kinjal Patel at the St. Petersburg practice. We take pride in remaining helpful when it comes to treatment options, sharing relevant advice where needed and never being pushy in our approach.

When do I Need Tooth Extraction?

Any good treatment procedure will begin by addressing the options at hand, however, for many patients, tooth extraction may be the best (and only) way forward.

Often individuals with excessive tooth pains or tooth decay may find tooth extraction to be a valid pathway.

Not only is missing a tooth greatly damaging on your oral health, but it can also severely impact your confidence and the quality of your daily life. A scary example follows that without a replacement, your remaining teeth will begin shifting into the open space left by your missing tooth, putting you at a greater risk of fractures, gum disease, and further tooth loss.

At our St. Petersburg practice, we are happy to discuss different options available to you when it comes to replacing your missing tooth, protecting your oral health and saving your smile.

We understand that having a tooth extracted is never ideal and may cause unwanted stress and anxiety. For this reason, we make every effort to educate you about the procedure prior to you making any commitments.

Not only this, but we provide patients an anesthetic that will keep you comfortable and free from pain throughout the entire process. As well as being given instructions on how to best take care of your mouth after surgery for optimum healing and long-lasting oral health into the future.

Our friendly doctors are always there to answer any questions you may have during your recovery or prior to your treatment.

At Modern Day Smiles our goal is to accommodate all your dental needs in a warm and caring environment. Dr. Kinjal Patel and Dr. Remal Patel are gentle, highly skilled dentists who ensure your extraction runs smoothly and efficiently.

If you need a tooth extracted by our experts and live in St. Pete or nearby, contact our office today to learn more about how we can best be of service. A member of our friendly team will get in touch with you shortly to discuss your best options moving forward.