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Preventive Dentistry in Tampa Florida

Preventive dental care ensures healthy oral health

Preventive dental care is an extensive sphere of dentistry but perhaps one of the most important. Many individuals believe they should only visit the dentist at times when their dental health is suffering. This is simply not the case as dental problems largely arrive due to a lack of preventive dental care in the first place.

On this page we will cover an introduction to preventive dentistry, discussing preventive dentistry facts as well as the types of treatment we offer. It’s important to educate yourself on preventive dental treatment in order to understand what our dentists can help with, as a result, you will be able to prepare against many common dental emergencies.

What is Preventive Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry should make for a key part of your dental health maintenance and steps towards a healthy, happy smile. Preventing against larger, more costly restorative dental care will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Preventive dental care largely focuses on daily brushing and flossing to maintain good oral hygiene. Dental check-ups are also at the forefront of a preventive strategy which ultimately prevents against tooth decay and gum disease, as well as more serious issues and health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Why is Preventive Dental Care important?

Preventive dental care is a vital part of an effective, well maintained dental routine. Regularly brushing your teeth and flossing helps to remove plaque from the surface and between your teeth. Routine dental exams and regular cleanings can also prevent incidences of higher-cost treatments such as periodontal surgery, root canals, extractions, and fillings. Seeing our specialists Dr. Alexis Spinuso about our preventive dental treatments can help with early detection and prevention of common dental problems.

What to Expect During your Routine Check-up
Preventive dentistry in action

During a routine check-up with our dental specialists in Tampa, we will begin by taking x-rays of your teeth, gums, and jawbone in order to detect cavities, fractures, and other abnormalities. At Modern Day Smiles we possess state of the art equipment that’s able to be used to both locate and remove plaque, cavities, and infections from the teeth.

After the x-ray and plaque removal process, our hygienists will perform a professional cleaning in order to remove any minor dental stains. For some patients, a fluoride treatment will be used along with dental sealants to help prevent plaque build-up and cavities from forming. Besides, our dental experts at Modern Day Smiles will educate you on proper dental hygiene to ensure you are maximizing the effectiveness each time you brush and floss.

After the cleaning, our dentists will perform a detailed examination of your teeth and gums, reviewing the x-ray images for signs of decay and disease. If our dentists notice any issues such as a cavity or periodontal disease, a special tooth-colored filling or additional periodontal care may be provided in order to help you maintain good oral health, taking time to address any questions and concerns you may have about the exam.

What are some Preventable Oral Conditions?

There are a variety of preventable oral conditions out there that can be dealt with by our dental team in Tampa. A few of these include:

  • Oral Cancer

Our advanced oral cancer screening process makes it easy to detect on every visit. Oral cancer is largely related to bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol which is why our team takes special care in showing patients the negative implications of these habits.

  • Dental Decay

Dental decay occurs when a certain type of bacteria in plaque work with dietary sugars to produce acid, this acid proceeds to gradually erode the tooth enamel and produces a hole or cavitation.

  • Periodontal Disease

The inflammation process of periodontal disease causes teeth to loosen and results in bleeding and pain in the gums. This can lead to systemic inflammatory markers which, if left untreated can complicate pregnancies and link to other conditions like Pancreatic Cancer.

  • Facial Trauma

Certain sports injuries like concussions are examples of facial trauma injuries that can affect oral health. A fitted mouthguard can assist in preventing concussions and tooth breakages. Our dental team at Modern Day Smiles is able to assist patients in this area to ensure dental issues are kept to a minimum.

How often should I visit my dentist?

When it comes to how often you need to visit the dentist, there are no clear guidelines. You may find a lot of information on the internet telling you different things which is why it’s important to discuss with your dentist upfront. At Modern Day Smiles, our preventive dentists are able to provide you with an accurate representation of how many times you will need to visit for a regular dental checkup.

How much does Preventive Dental Treatment cost?

The cost of dental treatment is highly dependent on the requirements of the patient. In order to receive an accurate quote, we recommend getting in touch with our dental specialists at Modern Day Smiles in Tampa, FL where we will be able to point you in the right direction. Our dental clinic takes pride in our ability to offer patients flexible pricing plans which cater to everyone’s needs. Along with this, we are happy to discuss our insurance plans with patients and how they can best assist with your needs.

Why Modern Day Smiles for Preventive Care?

We treat our patients as if it’s our own family. If you’re living around the 33615 area and looking for Tampa dentists who keep your oral health above all, please call Modern Day Smiles at (813) 890-0044 to discuss your concerns so we can guide you in the right direction and take your oral health to the next level.