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Same Day Treatment

At Modern Day Smiles, we understand that you don’t want to have to make multiple visits for a single procedure. We offer same-day treatments for procedures ranging from dental cleaning to root canal therapy. Going to the dentist is scary enough for most individuals as it is, we ensure that your visit is as efficient as possible with same-day dental treatment. 

Can I Get My Dental Problems Fixed in One Day?

You may find it hard to believe but with cutting edge technology, many dental procedures that took multiple sittings can be performed in one day. Your smile can be completely overhauled in a few hours as modern techniques and equipment have made it easier for dentists to perform complex procedures. For example, previously getting crowns and veneers would take weeks at a time.

You would have had to for a consultation, dental impressions would be made and a scanner would provide an accurate photo so the veneer or crown are made accordingly. Then the dentist would have them made accordingly and call you back for a second sitting for fitting. Now, with on-site milling devices and CAD-CAM technology, the veneer or crown can be made right away and placed on your tooth.

The following same-day dental treatments are offered:

  • Dental cleaning: The procedure involves the removing of plaque and tartar from the surface of the teeth and the gum line. A scaler is used to remove stubborn plaque which has formed on the teeth and gum line which you can’t remove by simply brushing or flossing. There is also a deep cleaning process in which numbing agents are used and the plaque and tarter are targeted inside the gums if left it can result in periodontitis. 
  • Emergency extraction: There are numerous cases in which an emergency extraction is needed ranging from the progress of periodontal disease to dental abscess. The dentist will assess the health of the teeth through an x-ray and determine whether or not an extraction is needed. Besides such cases, emergency extraction may also be needed after an accident in which there has been a lot of trauma to the teeth. 
  • RX antibiotics for infection: Oral infection whether it is in the gums or teeth can lead to numerous oral problems such as periodontitis and tooth decay. To treat the infection you will need RX antibiotics. 
  • Cosmetic fillings: Fillings are used to improve the function and aesthetics of the teeth. They are made of either metal or composite resin, a mixture of glass and plastics. Resin is more commonly used for cosmetic purposes because it makes the filling appear natural while also help with oral issues such as infection, cavities, and further decay.
  • Emergency root canal therapy: A root canal is needed as an infected tooth starts to die. The infected part of the tooth is extracted so the infection doesn’t spread any further. The procedure restores the tooth to its natural state enabling it to function as it was before the infection and getting rid of the pain associated with an infection. 

Dental emergencies are also more common than you may think. A chipped or broken tooth that needs to be treated right away is an example of such an emergency. Finding a dentist in Tampa that can provide you with same-day treatment can be hard since not everyone entertains walk-in appointments due to emergency. At Modern Day Smiles , we understand that emergencies can happen at any time and give patients the option to call in and book emergency appointments. 

How Long Does Same Day Treatments Take?

The timeframe for same-day treatments depends on the procedure being performed. For example, same-day tooth extraction can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes while same-day dental cleaning can take 40 minutes to 2 hours. The purpose of these treatments is to ensure that you get the treatment you need in one sitting to relieve you of any pain and there not be a need for you to come back to the clinic multiple times for the same procedure. 

Does Same Day Dental Services Cost More?

The cost of same-day dental services depends on the procedure. For procedures such as extraction, there is no difference in cost. However, for dental services such as same-day dental implants, there is an additional cost. But keep in mind that we make sure to provide as affordable dental services as possible for all our patients. 

Finding Same Day Dental Services Near You

At Modern Day Smiles, you can get same-day dental care for general and cosmetic dental procedures. Our team of experienced dentists and hygienist make sure that you achieve and maintain good oral health. One of the reasons why we are preferred by Tampa residents as a top dental clinic. You can give us a call to book an appointment or find out more about same day dentistry at 813-890-0044.