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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth whitening is a fast and effective way towards increased confidence and whiter teeth. When it comes to teeth whitening in Tampa, FL our specialist Dr. Alexis Spinuso, DMD can showcase all options available along with the process.

On this page, we will showcase the procedure, detailing any side effects and the exact process our 33615 area based friendly dentists will take to ensure you leave our clinic with whiter teeth.

What is Teeth Whitening?

Let’s start at the basics, what is teeth whitening and will it work for me? The thing is there are various types of teeth whitening you can try, varying from home remedies to our professional tooth whitening procedures available at Modern Day Smiles Tampa Clinic. Put simply, teeth whitening is a process that eliminates discoloration and stains from the teeth. In the process, teeth whitening also brightens the natural pigmentation of the teeth.

Teeth can become a yellow or brown color for various reasons, coffee, tea, sugar, and smoking are all culprits. Our teeth whitening treatment ensure patients leave with noticeably brighter teeth.

Teeth Whitening Options at Modern Day Smiles Tampa

At Modern Day Smiles, our dentists can assist with the following teeth whitening options:

Laser Teeth Whitening

To whiten teeth with this treatment, we use a special bleaching gel with a laser light. This form of teeth whitening is good for sensitive teeth and our specialist dentists closely monitor you during the process. We begin by carefully isolating the teeth from the lips and gums, then proceed to apply the bleaching gel to the teeth. After which, a laser is used in combination with the gel to amplify the process.

Whitening Systems

These are systems that use in-office applications of gel and combine them with light to activate the gel. Along with this, there are many over the counter teeth whitening products available for consumers. Some of which include whitening toothpaste, paint-on whitening products, and whitening strips. Although these can be effective, we recommend speaking with our specialists in Tampa for professional advice.

What are the Side Effects?

There can be a fair few side effects from teeth whitening which anyone searching for teeth whitening options should be aware of. The main side effect is the fact that certain whitening methods can make teeth sensitive to hot and cold food, drink and air. Sometimes this sensitivity can last a while, but you may find it’s only temporary. The gel and trays used in the whitening process can contribute to this increased insensitivity.

Not only this but certainly over the counter whitening products and procedures can wear down the teeth’s enamel if used too vigorously or frequently. It’s important you conduct the required research and consult with one of our expert dentists before undergoing any teeth whitening process.

How Much Teeth Whitening Costs?

The costs involved with teeth whitening highly depend on what form of teeth whitening you decide to go with. For example, in-office teeth whitening applications can vary in the region of $100 to $800. Whereas you will find at home bleaching trays cost in the region of $300 to $2000 and sometimes more. At Modern Day Smiles, we are proud to offer special discount plans and offers that are affordable and delivers exceptional results.

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Why should I choose Professional Whitening treatment against Over the Counter Treatment?

Over the counter teeth whitening can often result in dissatisfactory results or even unintended side effects. Our dental specialists in Tampa, FL strongly advise you to seek expert advice and consult with a specialist when it comes to determining your best teeth whitening options.

The results from professional treatment often far out way those from over the counter products. Not only this, but our professional services are safer and we will be able to prevent you from many unwanted side effects.

During your initial consultation, we will be able to determine whether your tooth discoloration is caused by a serious oral/medical condition or simply a result of certain foods, drinks, and habits. This alone is a strong reason we recommend getting in touch with our expert dentists in Tampa, FL.

How the Whitening Process Works

Once the whitening solution is applied to the teeth, the hydrogen peroxide inside of the solution penetrates the enamel and the oxidation process begins by which the molecules are transformed to reflect less or no light. As a result of this, the teeth appear white and the process is proven to be very effective at eliminating stains.

Sometimes the stains can be too strong for the teeth bleaching procedure to work. Therefore, our dental specialists can offer an alternative whitening procedure proven to be more effective. For example, our patients are given dental veneers which are placed on the surface of the teeth in order to cover dark stains. Dental veneers are usually preferred by patients who smoke due to their stain resistance and the fact they won’t yellow as fast as natural teeth do.

How Modern Day Smiles can Help

Individuals in the 33615 area come to us for all sorts of dental treatments and we take pride in our ability to help patients reach their desired dental goals. Tooth discoloration is a common cause for concern amongst many individuals, particularly it’s damaging effect on confidence. If you are searching for an experienced Tampa teeth whitening professional, please call Modern Day Smiles at (813) 890-0044. A member of our friendly team will be happy to help you.